Automation First Design

Automation First Design

Almost everyone in our modern digitized society has embraced technology to a greater extent. Now, the concept of automation first is not just about eliminating manpower by digitizing various tasks. On the contrary, it aligns more towards freeing manpower from repetitive work, utilizing their talent for more prioritized tasks, and performing the new work that their units need.

More than merely incorporating automated features, implementing the needed digital capabilities at the right time is more crucial than trying to overkill the concept of automation. Companies such as Nokia are perfect examples that decided to boast on analog practices which had actually enabled them as market juggernauts for some years in a row. The scale of data being processed at global firms at present is simply humongous.

The need for Automating first

Today’s environment in workplaces is a tad distinct as compared to the past. Various factors are in play that lay the foundation of designing an automated and channelized platform. Three important constituents in this context are:

In contrast to mainstream development methods, the automation-first approach relies heavily on dense data that keeps on piling from various internet of things and distinct digitized channels. This approach includes:

  1. Structured and unstructured data being collated from various channels
  2. Data from ecosystem partners
  3. Data from the public domains.

Parameters to infuse the power of Automation

It may be as apparent as a chatbot for a maiden line of customer service or technical help or tracing authentic information to clients in the realm of product engineering or the right people in a manner that elevates the experience of customers while instating a viable stance. In relation to tapping the raw power automation and artificial intelligence, there are three profound directives for the firms:

A machine-first automation approach streamlines operations & product engineering services and allows a business, including the engineering firms, to high-performance milestones. A firm can in turn define innovative practices by redefining how to stipulate revenue, what to sell and whom to sell to.

This approach can be leveraged to streamline processes in various verticals and units:

  1. For marketing and sales, product engineering solutions, segmentation, and selling through can be facilitated via deep data analytics.
  2. For software product engineering, core products and services can be revamped by driving the amalgamation of digital with analog.
  3. For R&D, automated tailored processes avail data-driven forecasts into product performance which can improve both product and service up-fronts.
  4. For the supply chain, production lines can be supplanted by integrating business technologies such as cloud and data analytics.

Let’s take the instance of applying automation first to customer service as part of a trademark by the Indian consulting teach giant — TCS:

First design — the right direction

Implementing Process Automation, for any start-up or even a product engineering company, is the first step of a thousand-mile expedition. However, this step is the one that can catapult a business to prosper in the automatized scenario, which may portray as a massive task at initial introspection. As the automated operations spread out and fine-tuned, all this groundwork will pave a way for nurturing a culture of better Software Product Engineering Solutions.

Strategically sound and correct of implementing automation first will bring out:

  1. Physical ledgers to digital information sharing
  2. Hierarchical to networked transition
  3. Collaborative innovation and tuned software product design
  4. Stand-alone to virtual and digital transformation
  5. Command and control to performance-oriented operation
  6. The transition from compliance centric to an outcome-focused
  7. Filtering duplicate data entry to enable accurate data capture

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