10 Growth Hacking Strategies every Startup needs to follow!

10 Growth Hacking Strategies every Startup needs to follow!

In order to scale and grow your business, it is crucial for you to market your products and services effectively. And to do so, sometimes it becomes crucial for you to adopt the different growth hacking techniques. In this article, we'll be discussing 10 such growth hacking techniques, that are sure to give your business that required push

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a trial-and-error method that enables a marketer in determining the most effective ways to grow a business - but through experimentation. Why do they call it Growth Hacking you might wonder? That's because the marketer finds a quick, cost-effective and at the same time, innovative method to attain growth; instead of following traditional processes.

Why is Growth Hacking so important?

Growth Hacking is so essential because of the benefits it has to offer-

  1. Helps you achieve market dominance
  2. Helps you embrace a growth mentality
  3. Enables faster monetization
  4. Helps you know about new business models & product concepts
  5. Cost-effective and Beneficial
  6. Helps develop better products
  7. Helps in discovering marketing strategies that work

Growth Hacking Strategies (that actually work)

#1 Define your goals

Similar to achieving any other thing in life, in order to achieve growth in your startup, you need to define your goals to give you a base from which to work. However, make sure to keep your goals realistic. Focus on the steps it takes to get to that destination.

#2 Email Marketing Hack

Email marketing helps businesses to create pre-launch buzz for any product or event. It also allows you to acquire leads which is a sure-shot way of increasing conversions.

You need to build an email marketing strategy if you want your company to grow. It is a great way to connect with your prospects and convey your message. Email lists prove to be beneficial when you’re about to launch your product. You can send a little teaser and announce the product launch, arousing recipients’ curiosity.

#3 Guest Posting

Guest blogging is a great marketing growth hack. Bloggers use it for the purpose of gaining organic website traffic and reaching out to different audiences by improving their search engine rankings.

Guest Posting helps to build a connection. There are numerous guest posting services available online.

#4 Partner with Brands

Business partnerships and collaborations are all great growth hacking techniques. It creates social media buzz and also sends relevant organic traffic to your website. This is an opportunity for news coverage and it also enhances the visibility of your products and services globally.

#5 Social Media

“According to Statista, 78% of the US population has a social network profile.  This means that almost three out of the four people you see in your community have a social media account somewhere on the Internet.” - Source - greengeeks.in

It is very important for you to expand your presence on social media platforms as much as possible. It is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to engage customers.

#6 Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers have become the real hype of this generation. Collaborating with well-known influencers is surely a powerful way to reach a wider audience. Businesses can employ influencers’ authority and reach and can use their followers as a possible consumer base.

#7 Be generous and offer Freebies

It is only human nature to be instantly attracted to anything and everything that has the “free’ tag attached to it. Mentioning the word “FREE” will always drive an audience. However, as a startup business, make sure that what you’re giving away is only what can be sustained from a financial point of view. Don’t be foolish and give away all the profits that keep you from actually succeeding.

#8 Comment on Blogs

Yes, sometimes you can earn a bit of recognition simply by replying to a blog! Going and reading other people’s blogs and commenting on them will make people take you to their notice. This doesn’t mean that you start spamming. Nobody likes that and you might even get blocked. But make sure that the blog is related to your business niche to improve customer interaction.

#9 Feedback and Review

“About 97% of consumers on the Internet have read at least one review in the past year. Fake review or not, people are reading them and making purchasing decisions.” - Source - greengeeks.in

Offer your visitors a chance to write reviews for your brand. These will help your company grow as well as engage a future audience. This has the potential to quickly boost brand awareness and reputation and also allows you to see the results over time from the very beginning.

#10 Incentive-based Marketing

Incentive-based marketing is when you offer someone a reason to help you in marketing your business. You can offer a discount or some other form of incentive to your customers for sharing content or referring other shoppers.

The Final Word

Who doesn't love growth?! I'm sure everyone does. Don’t you? But more often than not, this becomes a real challenge for businesses. In a competitive market, you can grow your business by adopting these growth hacking strategies.